APC USV Konsole

# BUG # APC USV Error Meldungen bei richtigem Konfig File !!!

Meldung bei Start des APC Dämons

debianserver:/# /etc/init.d/apcupsd start
/etc/default/apcupsd: line 4: UPSCABLE: command not found



# Apcupsd-devel internal configuration
UPSCABLE 940-0024C
UPSTYPE smartups
DEVICE /dev/ttyS0
LOCKFILE /var/lock
UPSCLASS standalone
UPSMODE disable

folgende Zeilen in /etc/init.d/apcupsd auskommentieren


> #. $CONFIG
> #if [ $ISCONFIGURED = no ]
> #then
> #     echo -n "Please check your configuration "
> #     echo    " ISCONFIGURED in /etc/default/apcupsd"
> #     exit 0
> #fi

Dann restarten und geht xD

Test der APC USV !!!

1. mit killall apcupsd den laufenden APC Dämon Prozess killen
   sonst gibts Fehlermeldungen like ->

  Setting up the port ...
  apctest FATAL ERROR in device.c at line 68
  Unable to create UPS lock file.
  apctest FATAL ERROR in device.c at line 68
  Unable to create UPS lock file.
  apctest error termination completed

2. apctest auf der Konsole ausführen und z.B. alle Values mit Auswahl 1 anzeigen
   looks like ->

Now running through apcupsd get_UPS capabilities().
NA  indicates that the feature is Not Available

UPS Status: 08
Line quality: FF
Reason for last transfer to batteries: O
Self-Test Status: NO
Line Voltage: 233.2
Line Voltage Max: 236.1
Line Voltage Min: 231.8
Output Voltage: 233.2
Batt level percent: 021.0
Batt voltage: 13.77
UPS Load: 000.0
Line freq: 50.00
Runtime left: 0039
UPS Internal temp: NA
Dip switch settings: NA
Register 1: 00
Register 2: 00
Register 3: 00
Sensitivity: M
Wakeup delay: 000
Sleep delay: 180
Low transfer voltage: 208
High transfer voltage: 253
Batt charge for return: 15
Alarm status: L
Low battery shutdown level: 02
UPS Self test interval: OFF
UPS manufacture date: 12/17/99
UPS serial number: NS9951152461
Date battery replaced: 12/17/99
Output voltage when on batteries: 230
Nominal battery voltage: 012
Percent humidity: NA
Ambient temperature: NA
Firmware revision: 22.4.I
Number of external batteries installed: NA
Number of bad batteries installed: NA
UPS model as defined by UPS: CWI